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All beings, plants and things are composed of particles - molecules, atoms, electrons, etc. This particles vibrates and produces energy of different frequencies. Even our body is composed of many particles oscillating in different frequencies. When all frequencies oscillating in harmony with each other, than the body is healthy. Disharmony of frequencies manifest as a disease of specific body parts.

Therapists of traditional or alternative medicine always follow three basic steps to approach healing process:

• Determination of diagnosis - identifying what isn’t working in the body, finding the frequency that causes disharmony.
• Searching for a treating tool - pill, injection, ointment, or other suitable therapy. Looking for so-called frequency instrument that supplies the body with the frequency it needs for healing. The correct choice of therapeutic tool reduces the possibility of side effects.
• Correct dosage – healing results are heavily depended on correct dosage, quantity and duration of use. Too much or too little of any of these can complicate healing.

Tachyonized™ products solve these three steps fully automatically, without any negative effects.

What is it and how does it work?
To understand the connection between the material world and the world of clean energy, we need to find out how the material world arises. Great thinkers like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla thought long time about it and many of their theories are now part of modern physics and quantum mechanics. The basic thesis of this theory states that our bodies exist as a result of condensation, densification of the invisible unconfined absolute. They are created out of perfect order. This limitless perfect order was named as a Zero-Point Energy.

Zero-Point Energy has no form, is ubiquitous and is faster than light. It is infinitely intelligent and contains everything required to create perfect forms. Has no frequency, doesn’t rotate nor vibrate. It is no subject to gravity and is inexhaustible. It is a subtle energy which through condensation creates forms - particles, frequencies, shapes, etc. Some philosophical directions call this energy potential essence.
In the first phase, condensation of this amorphous energy creates Tachyon Energy. Tachyon energy has the same features as the zero-point energy, the only difference is that it is already manifest in forms, it consists of particles - Tachyons. 
Concentration of zero-point energy into tachyon energy is the beginning of this so-called Energy Continuum, which is directly responsible for all forms on our planet. Next step in this energy continuum can be best explained by somewhat simplified physical concepts.

For this explanation we use the theory of subtle organizing energy fields introduced by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. We will demonstrate the interaction of tachyon energy with elementary particles (Pion, Muon and Electron). Pion exists below the speed of light and has a precise, mathematically counted orbit, which we call "Subtle Organizing Energy Field", shortly SOEF. This SOEF exist just below the speed of light, and is directly responsible for the conversion of Tachyon energy in to frequencies necessary to create, organize and maintain perfect forms. All shapes are of course, composed of different frequencies. SOEF turns tachyon energy exactly in to the frequency that each shape needs for its existence. In our case, SOEF keeps Pion on its orbit. This Pion’s SOEF, which is located just below the speed of light interact with the tachyon, which is faster than light. After this interaction, Pion’s original SOEF increase and the elementary particle transforms into a Muon. This new Muon has an orbit ten times larger than the orbit of Pion. Muon’s SOEF is also located just below the speed of light. After another interaction of this SOEF with tachyon, particles orbit will change again and out of the Muon new Electron immediately arises. This new electron has an orbit two hundred seven times larger than the orbit of a Muon. This ongoing process of conversion of tachyons in to SOEF obviously doesn’t stop here, but continues through entire energetic continuum.
This continues until it finally achieved the perfect shape - whether it is a human being or any other shape we know. Tachyon Energy connects energy that is responsible for creating all shapes on the planet. Tachyon Energy has a key role in a stream of energy that runs from an infinite formlessness up in to the perfect form. This is the energetic continuum.
Like all forms in our universe, which are slower than light, also SOEF can’t reach speeds greater than the speed of light. This is a very important moment. Our world is a world of shapes and the only way it can be united with amorphous zero point energy is through Tachyon.

All the manifested forms in our universe are kept by SOEFs in optimal dynamic equilibrium. From the smallest known particles –as  pions, muons, through atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organisms, families, planets, solar systems to galaxies. These are subtle organizing energy fields which transforms holistic potentials of tachyons in to precise frequencies. And so each entity is given shapes for which has been designed from the outset.
Everything that exists is through SOEF in continuous dynamic connection with each other and through tachyon energy also with the field of zero point energy.  This way all particles are permanently connected with infinite divine intelligence of creation.
Each cell, each organ in the human body, the physical body itself and every single object in universe has its SOEF. Each partial SOEF creates larger SOEF unit –similarly as our body is created from cells. Also our aura has its SOEF. Aura consists of a series of subtle bodies, part of which is known as mental and emotional body. Negative emotions and persisting negative thoughts in our mind can create disturbance, so-called energy blocks in these mental and emotional bodies. For example, if a person suffers from a long period of emotional stress, harsh blockade in emotional body can arise. This stops the natural flow of energy and leads to a decrease of energy flow between to emotional body and physical body parts, for example in the cross-spine area. Consequently depleted SOEF can cause health problems at physical level. If the stress continues it can cause considerable back pain, damaged of vertebral discs, and even originate chronic diseases to given person.
The depletion of SOEF is also caused by poor lifestyle, by unhealthy and chemically contaminated food, by exposure to electromagnetic field, etc.
Every time when the energy continuum is blocked, corresponding body organ or body part will get ill due to lack of incoming energy. We are therefore far more responsible for our own health than we usually admit.

If we remove stress, the life force can continuously flow in to the affected body area again, so health balance can be restored.

If such body part is treated with Tachyonized ™ material, tissues with damaged SOEF will regain new energy. This can release original energetic blocks. Then the body is able to connect with its energetic continuum again.

Tachyon ™ products supply SOEF with new energy, which can initiate self-healing processes in the body.

Tachyonized ™ products made by Advanced Tachyon Technologies have permanently changed the material structure at the sub-molecular level. Essentially, they will be functioning for an unlimited period of time. We can compare them to antennas that receive tachyon energy and emit correct frequency to recharge SOEF.