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Tachyonová energie automatickou kresbou

How to buy tachyonized™ products like customer

Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT) company has been manufacturing  tachyonized™ products in California (USA) since 1990. Tachyonization™ inventor David Wagner is founder and managing director of the company.

You can buy Tachyonized™ Products several ways:

  • At retail prices. You can purchase tachyonized™ products from Advisors (ATT Distributors - sales partner of ATT).  You can purchase it personally, or goods can be sent to you by post. You can pay by cash or you can pay on delivery. Click to Contacts to find nearest Advisor.
  • At retail prices directly on ATT web pages,
    e.g. (Tachyon Products). Transmission is organized by contracted transporter.
    Freight is calculated from wholesale price without VAT.
    Freight in Europe without WAT:
    Up to 100 USD = 15 USD
    Up to 200 USD = 10 USD
    Up to 300 USD = 5 USD
    Over 300 USD = FREE CARRIAGE
    You pay carriage by card when confirm order.

For more informations how to buy you can ask our Advisors. See Contacts.