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Welcome in Tachyon Gate. We want to guide you to the world of Tachyon, where science meets spiritual life. You are entering web pages of Advanced Tachyon Technologies independent distributors – distributors of tachyonized™ products.

The main topic is how to use tachyon energy for personal development and for better quality of life.

Tachyon energy is omnipresent, it is essence of every being. This energy contains information for ideal harmonizing of every being, plants and life forms.

It allows us to improve our health and help us start to search for real reasons of our health troubles. Understanding message, that illness telling us leads us to change our accustomed behaviour patterns. This leads to personal development towards to higher order, firmer health, affectionate life and overall wealth.  Tachyonized products by Advanced Tachyon Technologies can be compared to antennas, which receive tachyon energy and flash back energy with frequency that is necessary for organism to get into perfect order. Now these products are sell and used in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Benefits of tachyonized™ materials:

  • Decrease pain and tiredness
  • Enhanced organism recovery
  • Increase physical capability and vitality
  • Increase concentration and memory
  • Improve meditation an increase intuition
  • Physical body detoxication, support high-quality cells production
  • Dissolve energetic blockades – reasons of all illnesses
  • Defend from dangerous electromagnetic area
  • Harmonize and vertikalize energetic centers of body - chakras
  • Support spiritual progress

Our Motto
Love - Health - Prosperity

Our Vision
We discover our fears and limitation when we use Tachyonized products. We can heal ourself on all levels of our being by understanding and changing our approach to life. We – everyone of us – are the most important person in the world. Self-love and self-esteem brings us joy, health and prosperity. Vitality and enjoying life help us return to health again. Healthy man can fulfill his life mission in better way. We create life circumstances we would like to live in. When only love is steering, people act only the way which bring them the highest pleasure. They are able to give and receive without restraint. They love everything around  them, because they know that we all are one. Why to make pain to the others then? We can create better world together instead of it.

What Do We Do
We hand over theoretical and practical knowledge about tachyonized™ products (permanent antennas for tachyon energy) by web pages and basic presentations. We focus on how to use them in daily life. Tachyonized™ products deepen effectivity of different therapeutical techniques as well (REIKI, mental and emotional blockages terapies, systemic constallations etc.) We don’t manufacture any tachyonized™ materials ourselves. By spreading experience with Advanced Tachyon Technologies products we help to develop self-consuming network of its distributors, who can buy products with 30% discount.
Scientific opinion about tachyon theory is not unified. From our point of view, this is not important. For us, the most important is, that we have practical experiences with tachyonized™ materials which we are using for years. This experiences is filling us with optimism and delight. That is why we want to share it. You can find a lot of knowledge about usage of tachyonized™ materials on web pages and basic lectures of TachyonGate project. You can also participate on seminars, which are arranged by University of Integrated Science, California.

Historical Moments
1990 – scientist and spiritual teacher David Wagner is recovering from serious injuries with self-produced tachyonizded™ materials. He establish Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT), based in California as demand for tachyonized™ materials is growing.
2004 – January – first ATT distributors in Czech Republic register. Spring – Tachyon Czech project starts, founded by Kristian Schwachula. Web pages are created. Its mission is inform about everyday usage of tachyonized™ material and products from ATT for Czech users in Czech language. Autumn – David Wagner himself come to Czech Republic, where he lectures on Vertical Reality and Holistic Healing Seminars. Gradually, the number of Czech and Slovak distributors are growing. A lot of them are inspired by web page and presentation of Tachyon Czech.
2006 – first partners of Tachyon Czech project in Canada was registered.
2007 – basic presentation in Romania, new Romanian colleagues cooperation start.
2009 – basic presentation in Hungary, new Hungarian colleagues cooperation start.
2010 – Tachyon Czech, originally created for Czech Republic only, is transformed into international project – Tachyon Gate. New web pages are created.

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Kristian Schwachula