Headband Velcro (black) - HB-VB

Tachyonized Velcro Headband (black)

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Headband Velcro (black) - HB-VB

Tachyonized Velcro Headband is the perfect tool for balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
The headband charges the subtle organizing energy fields (SOEF) of the brain, balancing the right and left hemispheres and increasing mental acurity.

Tachyonized Headbands provide 360 degrees coverage the whole brain area. They are indicated for any and all brain issues.

Tachyonized Headbands have a myriad of uses:
1. Individuals that meditate love to use the Tachyonized Headbands to enhance their experiences. They often choose the Velcro Headband so that the 15mm Micro Disks or a 24mm Cell can be placed over the third eye, which intensifies the experience.
2. Athletes have reported feeling more physical stamina when working out while wearing Tachyonized Headbands.
3. Students applaud the mental clarity they experience as a result of using a Tachyonized Headband. They say that it is much easier to stay focused for greater periods of time.
4. Try a Tachyonized Headband for headaches. Countless customers have said that they quickly ease headache pain with either the Stretch or the Velcro Headband by itself, or a Velcro Headband with Tachyonized Cells or Micro Disks inside.
5. The Velcro Headband is great worn around the neck with or without Tachyonized Cells or Micro Disks. Tie a knot so that the headband is closer to the neck. This is great for neck tension, energizing the thyroid, or for a sore throat.
6. The Velcro Headband also works well around a medium to large dog’s neck and the Stretch Headband fits nicely on a cat (if the cat lets you).
7. Tachyonized Headbands, with or without Tachyonized Cells or Micro Disks, are great for many issues concerning the brain or nervous system. These can include Attention Deficiency Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Stroke, and hormonal imbalance, to name a few.

Tachyonized Headbands are available in two styles, Stretch or Velcro.
The Velcro Headband is made from a non-stretch terrycloth. It is adjustable with a Velcro closure and has a secret hidden pocket that holds up to three 24mm RI Cells or 3 15mm Micro Disks. The Velcro headband is about 1 1/2 inches (3,8cm) wide and adjusts to about 24 inches (60cm) around.
The Stretch Headband is made of a stretch terrycloth. It is about 1 3/4 inches (4,4cm) wide and comfortably stretches to about 23 inches (57,5cm) around.
Which ever headband you choose make sure it fits comfortably and is not too tight.

It is suggested to hand wash and line dry the headbands to preserve the integrity of the terrycloth material.


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