Wristbands Long Deluxe - WB-LN

Tachyonized Deluxe Wristbands

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Wristbands Long Deluxe - WB-LN

Tachyonized Deluxe Wristbands energize the SOEFs helping the area to return to its natural state of balance. 
They are made from durable, double-woven cotton terrycloth. They are worn by a variety of people, and are particularly appreciated by those who use their hands a lot during the workday. This includes energy workers, physicians, body builders, massage therapists, construction workers, Reiki therapists, athletes, housewives, typists and computer operators.
It is often most beneficial to use the Wristbands in conjunction with Tachyonized Panther Juice, Ultra Freeze and/or Micro Disks.

Using Tachyonized Wristbands charges the SOEFs, increasing the bioenergetics potential and allowing the area to return to its natural state of balance. This could prove to be a great preventative measure, since wearing the wristbands increases the vitality of the area by energizing the SOEFs and allowing the body to maximize optimal health within the area. By keeping the area in a healthy state you minimize the potential for injuries and imbalances.  If an imbalance has already occurred, Tachyonized Wristbands will help facilitate its return to balance. You should wear the wristbands as much as possible, 24 hours a day, until the symptoms of imbalance have cleared. If your symptoms recur simply reapply until the symptoms have cleared. Sometimes it takes a while for the tissues to completely restructure allowing you to be symptom free.  Because of this It is always a good idea to keep the wristbands on for a few more days after the symptoms have cleared to allow for total support in your bodies healing process.

Indicated for ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, strains, sprains and tendonitis. The wristbands are also a great preventative measure for repetitive motion activities and sports. They can be worn anywhere they comfortably fit. Some individuals have even used them on their ankles, elbows, and on their pets’ legs.

Tachyonized Long Wristbands come 2 per package. They are about 4 1/2 inches wide (11.25cm) and comfortably stretch to about 7 inches (17.5cm). It is important that the wristbands fit comfortably and are not too tight.

It is suggested to hand wash and line dry them to preserve the integrity of the terrycloth material.


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