Sleeping Pad - SP-1

Tachyonized Sleeping Pad

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Sleeping Pad - SP-1

Sleeping pad is a powerful tachyon antenna that bathes your entire body in energy, balancing and strengthening all the SOEFs.
The huge energizing effect on the SOEF's may cause detoxification symptoms during the first few times the Tachyonized Sleep Pad is used. Intense dreams, sweating, heat, discomfort, etc. will vanish after a short time. Be gentle with your system and let it get used to the increased amount of energy now available through this large Tachyon antenna.

Containing the same Aero-Fiber used in the Tachyonized Vitalizer-II Belt, Life-Pad, and Cocoon, this powerful tachyon antenna bathes your entire body in energy, balancing and strengthening all the SOEFs on all levels of your body-mind-spirit system. This perfect dream companion is made from a durable, hand-washable fabric, quilted to secure the Aero-Fiber within.

Possible uses of the Tachyonized Sleep Pad:
1.Sleep. About one third of your life (2,920 hours a year) is spent sleeping. Using the Tachyonized Sleep Pad allows your body-mind- spirit systems to balance and regenerate so that you are “ready to go” the next morning. Sleeping in the intense tachyon field of the Sleep Pad also protects you from environmental disturbances. Healing and protection occur while you are sleeping.
2. When you travel you can use the lightweight Tachyonized Sleep Pad on your seat in the airplane, and in the bed of the hotel to create your very own personal space.
3.The Tachyonized Sleep Pad is of huge benefit for sick and bedridden individuals. The overall energizing effect on the SOEFs prevents a stagnant energy flow and support a continuous healing process.
4.Health care professionals and massage therapists put the Tachyonized Sleep Pad under the sheets of their treatment tables. This helps the patient/client to relax and open up for the treatment. It also allows the individual to receive benefit from Tachyon during their treatment. Using the Sleep Pad on the table also protects the therapist against dissonant energy patterns from the clients/patients that could drain or deplete the therapist’s system. That is an easy way to avoid exhaustion and fatigue during healing work or massage.
5.Meditators would rather call the Tachyonized Sleep Pad a “Flying Carpet”. The strong, overall balancing effect on all levels of our being supports the experience of antigravity, oneness, deep love and peace. Use it for your exercises in Yoga, Qi Gong or stretching. The Tachyonized Sleep Pad will lead you to new exciting levels of performance.

The Sleep Pad is approximately 70" x 36" (1,75m x 90cm)

Hand wash and line dry to preserve the life of the fabric. Please do not wring, twist, or machine wash.


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