Sports Wrap - TR-4

Tachyonized Sports Wrap 3.5-inch

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Sports Wrap - TR-4

TR-4 Tachyonized™ Sports Wraps are excellent for wrapping injuries, making them an invaluable addition to every first aid kit.
Tachyonized™ Sports Wraps energize the SOEFs (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields) helping the area to return to its natural state of balance.

Using Tachyonized Sports Wraps could prove to be a great preventative measure, since wearing the Sports Wraps increases the vitality of the area by energizing the SOEFs and allowing the body to maximize optimal health within the area. By keeping the area in a healthy state you minimize the potential for injuries and imbalances.  If an imbalance has already occurred, Tachyonized Sports Wraps will help facilitate its return to balance. You should wear the Sports Wraps as much as possible, 24 hours a day, until the symptoms of imbalance have cleared. If your symptoms recur simply reapply until the symptoms have cleared. Sometimes it takes a while for the tissues to completely restructure allowing you to be symptom free.

Use the Tachyonized Sports Wraps for sore, tired muscles, sprains, support or anywhere you want to direct Tachyon Energy. They are also a great preventative measure for repetitive motion activities and sports. Professional athletes also love to use them, both to prevent injury and to facilitate healing in case an injury has occurred. Tachyonized Sports Wraps have also been valuable in the horse training industry as a preventative against injury and for quick relief of painful joints and injuries. The Tachyonized Sports Wraps are most helpful when used in combination with Tachyonized Energy Cells, Micro-Discs, Panther Juice and/or Ultra Freeze.

All Tachyonized Sports Wraps are approx. 10 ft. (3 m) long and can be stretched to approx. 15 ft. (5 m). They are available in 3 different widths:
2-inches (5 cm) - recommended for the wrist and ankle
3 ½-inches (9 cm) - recommended for the knees, shoulders and ribs
7 ¾-inches (20 cm) - recommended for the lower back, hips and all large areas of concern

They are made from a special fabric designed to retain elasticity and they may be washed in hot water without worry. When they stretch out, simply wash in hot water and dry in a hot dryer and they will return to their original elasticity.


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