Star Dust - TSD-40

Tachyonized Star Dust 40 oz.

325,59 USD (Sales Tax included)

Star Dust - TSD-40

Tachyonized Star Dust is a revolutionary product that will enhance, harmonize, and bring to balance the very essence of your environment.

Tachyonized Star Dust is a powder that is designed to be mixed with paint, creating a blissful sanctuary for your home or office. A room painted with Star Dust will convert the negative effects of Electromagnetic Fields into harmonious energy, providing an environment of peace and tranquility. It is most effective when all four walls of a room are painted.

It is important that Tachyonized Star Dust be machine mixed to guarantee even distribution throughout the paint. Star Dust can be mixed into either the basecoat or the final coat of paint if a basecoat is not being used. Add 4oz (224g) of Star Dust to one gallon of paint for minimum coverage, or 8oz (448g) for maximum coverage.

Besides painting walls, Tachyonized Star Dust can be painted into pictures, clay sculptures, onto floors before laying carpet, hardwood floors, linoleum or tile, or any other place you can paint.

8oz (224g) bottle for 1 gallon of paint.
40oz (1120g) bottle for 5 gallons of paint.

Silicon Dioxide, Aluminum Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Potassium Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Iron Oxide, and Magnesium Oxide.

Do not breath the dust. Not for internal use.